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Automatic Linear Shrink-Wrapping Packing Machine (JYX-450A)

Name:Automatic Linear Shrink-Wrapping Packing Machine (JYX-450A)


It is specially designed for high speed packing requirement of bottled drinking water (pure water, beverage, juice, milk ect.)
It can wrap and shrink two bags at one time, which greatly increase the producing rate.
When conveying the bottles, it can arrange and film wrap the bottles automatically, which save the time and improve the working efficiency.
PLC control, automatic work processing.
Constant temperature cutting blaes, which surface sprayed by Teflon, with the advantage of stable sealing.
Touch screen is used to ensure easy operation.
Suit for different bottle size and packaging type without tray packing.
This type of shrink wrappig machine is your best choice for middle capacity, which is easy operation and maintance.

Technical parameter:

● Model:JYX-450A
● Overall size:L11850×1215×2150H mm
● Wrappage max size:L ×W ×H mm
● shrinkage film material: PE、PVC、POF
●shrinkage film thickenss: 80~90um
● max output per minute: 40-45pack (can continuous stepless speed regulation0
● Power:heating box: 48kw/220v( when temperature rise:48kw ,when temperature preservating 24kw);Mechanical part:10kw.
● air pressure: 0.4~0.7Mpa;Maximumair consumption:0. 25NM3/min
● Max conveyor width: 600mm, H1120~1185mm (adjustable)
● Voltage:380/220V
● Weight: 5150kg


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