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Bottled juice/tea solution

Definition of fruit juice beverage

Fruit juice drink is a kind of beverage made from fresh fruit. Various fruit juices contain different vitamins and other nutrients, which is regarded as a kind of healthy beverages, common fruit juice: apple juice, grapefruit juice, exotic fruit juice, mango juice, pineapple juice, watermelon juice, grape juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, coconut juice, lemon juice, cantaloupe juice, strawberry juice, papaya juice, etc.
Tea drinks is a tea soup made by soaking tea leaves with water, extracted, filtered, clarified, etc., or adding water, sugar liquid, sour agent, food flavor, juice or plant extract to the tea soup. Or it made from tea extract, tea powder and concentrate as the main raw material. It has the unique flavor of tea, contains natural tea polyphenols, caffeine and other tea active ingredients, and has both nutrition and health benefits. It is a kind of refreshing multi-functional drink for thirst quenching.

Enjoy nature, enjoy happiness

All kinds of juice or tea drinks in supermarkets and stores, can be found in a comprehensive solution in Livingh2o. Livingh2o provides comprehensive packaging solutions: relative to a single equipment, we pursue the turn key production line of liquid products “aggregate” efficiency and capacity; relative to a single production line, we focus on covering most of the beverage plant design and integration.


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