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Custom Services

Early stage negotiation

Please inform us below conditions to get the appropriate offer quickly:

On communication, LIVINGH2O salesmen first confirm with customers on the following issues:
a) What equipment do you need?
b) What is the finished product do you want to produce? Drinking water, juice, carbonated drink or others?
c) What is your raw water source?
d) What is your production capacity per hour / per day / per month?
e) What is your filling container types and cap types? Glass bottle, PET bottle, barrel, aluminum can, plastic cup or others?
f) What is your filling container size/volume?
g) What label do you want to use? (the labelling machines include: shrink sleeve labeling machine, hot melt glue labeling machine, cold glue labeling machine and self-adhesive sticker bottle labeling machine)
h) What is the final packing manner? (PE film wrap shrink packing or carton packing machine?)

For better communition quickly, please find our online contact information below:
MOB / Wechat / WhatsApp: 0086 13923086155 (VIvian Long)

After confirming the above questions, LIVINGH2O will make a suitable preliminary plan and offer for customers for reference.

LIVINGH2O will invite customers to visit our factory, or our customers’ factory.

After confirming the final scheme, we will sign up the contract. After receiving customers’ deposit, we will begin the subsequent work..

The subsequent work includes

1. Design / confirm filling container shape
2. Design / confirm label
3. Design equipment layout
4. Production of equipment
We will arrange the production of equipment according to the contract contents and delivery period. And LIVINGH2O will report to customers of production process irregularly. 5. Inspection and testing before equipment leaving the factory
When all the machines are completely produced, Jiangmen Living Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. will link injection machine, blow molding machine, filling machine, labeling machine and packing machine etc. according to the layout drawing. We will trial running the machine for simulation production. If there is any problem, we will immediately solve it to ensure that each machine is qualified before delivery. Meanwhile, LIVINGH2O will take video of the testing process, which will be sent to customers for confirmation.
If customers need come to our factory to examine the goods in person, or arrange the third party inspection company for check and acceptance, LIVINGH2O will positively cooperate and arrange to guarantee the inspection matters process smoothly.


a) After customers confirm the product qualified and the delivery date, we will pack the equipment and provide the relevant packing data for you. During transportation, we can also provide booking services for customers.
b) When loading, we will take photos of the goods and send the photos and seal number to customers.
c) LIVINGH2O will purchase insurance for customers’ goods.
d) We will provide clearance information to customers.
e) If customers are not familiar with the clearance information, we will offer help.
f) On transportation, we will keep in touch with customers.

After-sale service

a) The installation and commissioning of equipment
After confirming with customer on the installation matters, LIVINGH2O will arrange engineers to customer’s factory for the equipment’s installation and commissioning, as well as for the training for the operating personnel at the factory, until the customer are satisfactory.
b) LIVINGH2O provide 24-hour after-sale service.
c) LIVINGH2O can also provide customers with our engineers for long-term service, assisting customers in production.
d) LIVINGH2O provides high quality equipment and one year warranty with lifetime technical support.

LIVINGH2O provides customized services for the engineering of complete bottling lines, re-engineering of existing bottling lines, lay-out engineering, efficiency improvement engineering, and many more engineering services. We team help our customerss to minimize their costs, improve efficiency and ensure that their equipment operates at maximum capacity using latest technologies and innovative solutions.

No matter when or where you need us, you can count on LIVINGH2O to be there with the support you require to meet your targets.


For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form.

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