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Inkjet printing machine

Name:Inkjet printing machine

Technical characteristics:

43S plus Small character inkjet printer provides the printing of high clarity for a wide variety of industries

With up to 16 bit phase control, accurate ink droplet dispersion position and precise charging
Specially designed and developed ink collections for optimal printing effect
Real time detection as well as the automated correction of ink temperature viscosity and pressure

Advanced Performance:

Unique viscosity detection of ink and liquid level measurement technology,to ensure the high definition print quality, at the same time, it can use more migration ink and yellow ink than other similar machine.
Detachable design of the nozzle,which would completely solve the problem of nozzle clogging, and reduce the use-cost of the user.
The interior of the nozzle adopts the treatment of Teflon,which would reduce the breakdown ratio, and can adapt to all kinds of bad production environment.
Upgraded to double electric eyes, alterable database transaction,reversed printing and repeat printing up to 50000 times ,can enable the machine to meet more application demands  Professional software can control the on/off of the high pressure,which would avoid the hardware failure caused by all the switch.

Easy Maintenance and Inspection:

Electrical system and ink system are separated,which can avoid the accidental destroy during the maintenance.
Drawer-style ink system,which is more convenient for maintenance.
Control the closing of valve and pump of the ink system through the menu,which can find the failure of the machine easily to avoid the unnecessary cost of maintenance.

Fully Functional, Durable and Convenient:

Professional software control ensure the steady operation of the machine for a long time
Unique 34 lattice design can meet the requirement of different customers for the identification
It has complete function of the graphic on-line editing.
It’s plug and play device with automatic spinning ink system,and does not need to replace the ink tank.
Support the database transaction,can constitute an automatic identification system with other electrical device.
Can do OEM according to different customers’ printing requirements
Drop-down menu, user-friendly control

Outstanding Inkjet Printing Quality:

Can present the ink jet effect as clear as possible for all kinds of industries
Up to 16’s phase control, accurate split position of the ink dot,and can charge the machine accurately
Autocorrection of the ink temperature,viscosity,pressure after real-time detection

Technical Parameter:

Line speed capability
Max number of lines of text up to 4
Max line speed up to 210 m/min (Based upon single line, 10 character per inch)

Font matrix configuration
Single-line: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 9×12, 11×16, 17×24
Twin-line: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 9×12, 11×16
Tri-line: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9
Quad-line: 5×5, 5×7

Nominal character height: Selectable from 2mm to 18mm depending on font
Throw distance: 5mm-15mm
Standard keyboard, including numeric, alphabetic and special function keys
Custom logo/graphics: Can be edited directly on printer or PC by individual user
Power: 200-240 VAC, at 50/60 Hz., 120 W


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