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CO2 Laser printing machine

Name:CO2 Laser printing machine

Scope of application:

It’s can coding on Nonmetal material, widely use in food packing, medical packing, beverage packing, tobacco packing, inebriant packing, construction material, ceramic, habiliment material, leather, arts crafts, rubber products, electronic components, DOS shell nameplate, PVC pipe and other many fields. It’s better than the inkjet printer such as high efficiency, nontoxic, no pollution, and its fine impression for the advantages.

Machine Features:

⦁ High Precision, High speed, fine letterforms, easy control according to customers’ requirements.
⦁ No need for expendable, in focus marking, and it’s not easy attrited by other exogenous.
⦁ Professional software supports on Windows XP system, Chinese/English interface, allowed the picture form as bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif, etc…It’s also can change the characters, reading and editing the text files and excel data while the machine is working.
⦁ With Ethernet network, USB、RS-232 for communication connection. It’s easy working withProduction management system together.
⦁ Easy control, Super information memory Functions.

Technical Specification:
  • ModelMJCO2-1210
  • VoltageAC220V、50—60Hz,lkVA
  • Laser Power10W(CW/Plus)
  • Control SystemHigh quality using, LMC1 laser Control, EzCad2.0 software.
  • Scope of application70mm-70mm for (Normal)
  • RowsAny rows according requirements in the scope of application above.
  • Speed0~200m/minute (According to the contents and material)
  • Repeat Precision±0.01mm
  • Laser light-wave10.6um
  • Min thread width0.1mm
  • Total Machine Power≤500W
  • Character Size0.4—70mm (Letter High)
  • Countermarking ModeVolatile or Static State Countermarking
  • Marking ContentsCharacters, Pictures, Self-motion number, Date Number for production, Period of validity, Batch Number, Transportation serial Number, Communication Data, and etc...
  • LetterformTrueType, (Crewel)Letterform, Mongline Letterform(JSF),Lattice Letterform(DMF), and more than hundred letterforms for the bar code.
  • Cooling ModeWind Cooling.
  • Working Condition :
  • Working EntironmentCleanness Entironment
  • Entironment Temperature5~45℃
  • Relative Humidity≤80%(Non-Coagulation)
  • Electromagnetism ConditionWorking well in electromagnetism entironment.


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