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OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine(Linear Type)

Name:OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine(Linear Type)


OPP labeling machine is applied for decorating containers with wrap-round, reel-fed labels, it has a linear design with a precisely operating labeling station which cuts film or paper labels and then uses hotmelt to glue them to the containers. As far as efficiency, accuracy and speed are concerned, this labeling machine iwth its permanently developed technology in this field.

Main Features of Linear Type OPP Labeling Machine:

1. It applies to a row of paste volume, the use of local means glue, glue consumption of small, low running costs.
2.Due to the design of high-precision processing requirements of strict and meticulous assembly, so that the stability of the machine running, and production capacity can reach 12,000 bottles / hour.
3. Marked station is the heart of the aircraft, designed to complete the standard trademarks station transmission constant tension; trademarks automatic correction; labeling speed (revolution speed of the machine and the speed of rotation of the synthetic bottle speed) internal matching; not send bottles marked function; glue function is not scale-free; bottle labeling before and after the replacement of the normal type;
4. The main machine used on home cam design to replace the bottle-type simple; nose tight card using pneumatic means to increase the convenience of the main machine.

technical parameter:
  • Equipment descriptionFully automatic linear type hot melt adhesive labeling machine
  • Model NoJL-04-04P
  • Main motor2.2KW
  • Voltage50Hz
  • Whole machine power8.5KW
  • Labeling typeCircling
  • Bottle typeRound bottle φ40-100mm ; Height:80-350mm
  • Label sizeL:125-325mm H:20-190mm
  • Gluing typeRolling gluing(roller coating)(10mm with each end)
  • Label storing type(标签存储方式)Volume label
  • Capacity4000-12000bottles/hour
  • Air pressure0.5-0.8 bar
  • Air consumption0.2m³/min
  • Machine weight2500Kg
  • Machine size3050*1270*1900mm(L*W*H)


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