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OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine(Rotary Type)

Name:OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine(Rotary Type)


OPP plastic labels are non-toxic, environment protecting, and look nice and attractive. The technological development of label is rapid. Including o indicating the brand, composition and shelf life, the developers are now working to develop product packaging of low-cost, impact resistance and strong attractive appearance. With the new technology development of shrink packaging system and the emergence of underlying and adhesive of shrink labels, the roll label material OPP plastic label technology provides the processors with a labeling process of low cost, nontoxic and environment protection, low feed consumption and high resolution.

The production process of the roll label material OPP plastic adhesive is short, and its price is affordable. To use the roll label materials such as OPP, BOPP and composite paper to replace the PVC shrink label film; it can achieve more than 30% cost reduction. And it is non-toxic, waterproof. The patterns are not easy to be out of shape. This product is the high class and eco-labels.

  • Bottle typeApplicable labelLabel sizeDimensions of labelling productsLabeling stationMax labeling speedBottle diameterLabeling accuracyMax label heightMax label outer diameterPaper core diameter Max speed of come out labelLabeling glueHeating glue temperatureSpeed adjustment methodConveyor beltPowerAir consumptionpower supplyDimension (L*W*H)Weight
  • plastics, metals, glass etc.OPP labels, paper-plastic composite film labels, paper labels etc.
    6 stations:H50-300mm, Φ40-100mm8 stations:H50-300mm, Φ40-100mm12 stations:H50-300mm, Φ40-100mm16 stations:H50-300mm, Φ40-70mm20 stations:H50-300mm, Φ40-70mmNote: the adjustable height range is ±50mm
    6 stations YXPL-0604R 4000 BPH8 stations YXPL-0806R 6000 BPH12 stations YXPL-1209R 9000BPH16 stations YXPL-1615R 15000BPH20 stations YXPL-2024R 24000BPH24 stations YXPL-2436R 36000BPH
    36000BPH40-100mm (standard)±1mm150mm(customizable)600mm152mm150meter/,minHot melt glue at both ends of each120~160℃step less speed regYXating
    L:3500mmW: 100mmH: 1100mm ±30mm
    8KW6KG-8L/min3 phase380V 50Hz 8000W
    YXPL 0604R 1380*2000*1900mmYXPL 0806R 1380*2000*1900mmYXPL-1209R 1380*2000*1900mmYXPL-1212R 1380*2000*1900mmYXPL-1212R 2420*2500*2050mmYXPL-1615R 2420*2500*2050mmYXPL-2024R 2420*2500*2050mmYXPL-2436R 2680*2500*2050mm
    About 3000kg


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