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Ice vending machine

Name:Ice vending machine


1.      Luxurious waterproof carbon steel cabinets, the front door open design , safety and health , durable and easy installation.
2. Advanced RO purification techniques, 9 levels effective water treatment, the water quality accord with the national standards.
3. Adopt efficient spray ice film to make ice, automatically supply pure water, make ice, take off ice, stop, output bag, output ice.
4. Intelligent coin and induction IC card self-service techniques, billing accuracy reaches $0. 1.
5 use energy efficient ice mold cycle spray making ice technology , ice-cube is square and crystal clear .
6 High efficient and stable bagging technology ,achieve output bag, divide bag, bag ice seal ,and so one ,all is automatic.
7 It’s convenient to replace filters, and easy to maintain.
8 There are two options of bulk ice and bag ice to satisfy different requirements.

technical parameter:
  • Model450KG/280KG/140KG
  • VoltageAC 220V 50Hz/AC 110V 60Hz
  • Total power3.9KW/3.2KW/3KW
  • Payment method(optional)IC card/Coin/Bill/Change/Credit Card/GSM
  • Ice production capacity450KG/24H,280KG/24H,140KG/24H(Ambient temperature under 20℃)
  • Compressor power3P/2P/1.5P
  • Ice tank capacity110KG
  • Ice selling wayBulk ice/Bag ice
  • Ice bag QTY per roll250个
  • Bag ice weight range1KG~4KG/4KG~7KG
  • Machine dimensionW110cm*D120cm*H230cm


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