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Ice & Water Vending Machine

Name:Ice & Water Vending Machine


⦁ Water-proof structure,double front door design,made in thick steel plate,outdoor powder coated finish luxury and beauty,easy for maintenance and installation.
⦁ Parts contact with ice&water are made of food grade 304 stainless steel.
⦁ Advanced and stable vending technology,one control board to control the sale of water&ice.
⦁ High efficient and energy saving ice mold cycle spray ice technology,ice cube is square and crystal clear.
⦁ Efficient and stable packaging technology,automatically output bags,split bags,loading the ice,sealing bags.No human intervention.
⦁ Selling in bulk ice or bag ice to meet different needs.
⦁ Auto making ice,stop selling when ice full,lack of ice,lack of water,lack of bags etc.Use GSM system to report machine status.
⦁ Advanced reverse osmosis purification technology,nine water filtration.Pure water quality meets drinking water standard.
⦁ 24 hours uninterrupted UV sterilization,to prevent secondary pollution.

technical parameter:
  • Model140KG/800GPD,280KG/800GPD,450KG/800GPD
  • VoltageAC 220V 50Hz/AC 110V 60Hz
  • Total power3.3KW/3.5KW/4.2KW
  • Payment method(optional)IC card/Coin/Bill/Change/Credit Card/GSM
  • Ice production capacity140KG/24H,280KG/24H,450KG/24H
  • Pure water production capacity400GPD/600GPD/800GPD/1900GPD/3000GPD
  • Compressor power1.5P/2P/3P
  • Ice tank capacity110KG
  • Water tank capacity200L
  • Ice selling wayBulk ice/Bag ice
  • Ice bag QTY per roll250pcs
  • Bag ice weight range1KG~4KG/4KG~7KG
  • Machine dimensionW170cm*D120cm*H230cm


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