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Water vending machine series

Name:Water vending machine series

Production capacity:

200GPD/300GPD/400 GPD/600 GPD/800 GPD/1300 GPD/1600 GPD/3000 GPD etc.

Filtration steps:

Boosterpump - Quartz sand filter - Activated carbon filter - 10uPP - 5uPP - RO booster pump - RO membrane - Post activated carbon filter - Post mineralization filter - UV - Ozone

Paymet method (optional):

IC card, coin, bill,credit card, change etc.


1.Waterproof carbon steel cabinets, the front door open design, safety and health, durable and easy installation
2.Advanced RO purification techniques, seven levels effective water treatment and two sterilization of UV and ozone.
3.Payment system with coin operation and IC card operation.
4.Airtight filling + High concentrations of ozone sterilization, eliminate the secondary pollution completely
5.24-hour uninterrupted UV sterilization, guarantee the water quality.
7.The light box and filling room can be controlled by the photosensitive to save the electricity costs.
8.The machine can be installed shop , supermarket, residence area,street, community, school, factory, etc.


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