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Multi-functional liquid filling machine

Name:Multi-functional liquid filling machine


This equipment can be used for mineral water,tea drinks,fruit juice,white wine,salad oil,sesame oil,shampoo and other Japanese-based products Liquid filling for PET bottles,glass bottle and various special-shaped bottle filling,filling of small enterprises installation of equipment choice.
The machine adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC programmable control system to ensure high accuracy requirements,fine-tuning quick and easy,just modify the parameters,fine-tuning is less than 1ml,filling accuracy up to ±1%,can be shaped into a variety of bottle filling parameters.Pneumatic devices Airtac products,stable and reliable performance.
Material contact parts are made with SUS304 stainless steel.
The machine structure is simple and compact,easy maintenance,suitable for PET bottles,glass bottles and various shaped bottles filling.Simply changing bottle filling valve regulating the height and distance.


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